Where can I find training around HCA’s sandbox?

We have created several items on techdocs for users. You can Check them out here with a dotCMS login. If you don’t have a dotCMS login, you will need to go to Service Central request and complete a "dotCMS General Request". This will require you have an NDA signed with HCA along with obtaining an HCA healthcare email address and 3-4 (please work with your Account Manager if you do not have these)

Where can I find guidelines around what I can and can't do within the sandbox?

Guidelines around what is acceptable for the sandbox can be found on techdocs.

What if I don’t have a 3-4 ID?

Work with your Account Manager to get setup in eSAF. Once complete, you will have a 3-4 and an HCA email address that can be used to get an account within the environment.

Who can I contact for support around the sandbox?

The corporate team has a mailbox dedicated to SDK support requests. You can send an email to the account below to request help.

What is the process for submitting items I’ve created within the sandbox?

The process is documented on techdocs.

How do I submit a content update for my website?

  1. Visit the service cart
  2. Search dotCMS Content Request
  3. Submit information to requested fields
  4. The request will be reviewed by a content support specialist
  5. If confirmed as a content update, please allow 2-3 business days for the request to be completed. If the request is an enhancement, you will be notified.

How do I report a system error or bug?

  1. Visit the service cart
  2. Search dotCMS System Error
  3. Submit information to requested fields
  4. The request will be reviewed by a developer
  5. If confirmed as a bug, the issues will be added to the CRM Support JIRA board and fixed as soon as possible

How do I submit an enhancement request?

If you would like to add a new, or enhance an existing, feature to HUT, please contact your Account Manager.

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