Unifying your digital brand

Establish your brand once and experience easier maintenance throughout. The Healthcare Unified Technology’s entity branding functionality allows you to brand your website with your own logo, color scheme and font, creating trust, consistency and building a better experience with your patients and consumers.

Improving the user experience

Using the latest standards in design and functionality, create a better user experience for your consumers. Through cutting edge design patterns, emerging technologies and advanced code, the Healthcare Unified Technology delivers a delightful experience that consumers can use to engage with our features.

Mobilizing your facilities' digital presence

HUT is built with industry-standard, responsive code that transforms websites into fully scalable and mobile experiences. Our goal is to deliver a solution that ensures the over 50% of consumers visiting our websites through a mobile device have a delightful and beautiful online engagement.

Real-Time Upgrading

Get the latest code universally, without the hassle as soon as it developed and pushed

Marketing Tools

Utilize online marketing tools such as campaign landing pages, social media and email marketing

Easy App Deployment

Choose from a selection of pre-built, modular application stacks and easily deploy them

Enterprise Content

Produce a more consistent experience online from website to website across the HCA family

Multi-Tenant Capable

Host and rollup multiple sites on one site platform

Ongoing Support

Enjoy the continued enhancement of your site for years to come with access to a dedicated Account Manager, Development and Maintenance Team

Analytics & Reporting

Provide meaningful, relevant and actionable insights into the traffic and trends of visitors to your site to understand the effectiveness of campaigns and marketing spend

Entity Branded

Allows you to brand your website with your own logo, color scheme and font.