Emergency room wait times have become a staple for HCA websites and marketing efforts to show and display a location's average wait. Our Healthcare Unified Technology (HUT) framework has made it easier to add, display and allow for custom code to be applied to the ER wait time feature.

Generally a low ER Wait Time

Medium to Average ER Wait Time

Typically a higher than normal ER Wait Time

These wait times can display on your websites through a variety of formats including:

Application Stacks

A moveable home page feature dedicated to a specific ER wait time.

ER Wait Time Cards or Navigator

Multi-view design options maximize consumer understanding of ER wait times.

Service Line Pages

Dedicated emergency room detail pages to outline your services and offerings.

Maps & Locations

ER wait times are built in to our custom Maps & Locations feature to inform consumers while they are actively searching for a location.

Notification Menu

Delivering up-to-date information, our notification menu also displays ER wait times